Cordless Vacuums

A cordless vacuum can be just the thing for cleaning up little messes or hard to get at places. How many times have you left cleaning up dirt to another time because you just couldn't be bothered to get out the cleaner? If you purchase one, you can clean up as you go along.

A cordless vacuum cleaner should be small, light-weight and rechargeable. Most manufacturers make them, so finding one shouldn't be too hard, although whittling it down to one that suits you can be harder. A small machine means that you can get at those places that are much harder to reach with larger vacuum cleaners.

Cordless vacuums are fantastic for cleaning kitchen surfaces and car interiors. Their lack of weight also makes them ideal for cleaning stairs, steps and high-up places.

Most of these cleaners are rechargeable and the base unit can usually be wall mounted. This is ideal for storing exactly where you want it; on your kitchen, utility room or garage wall. You can slot your vacuum into its charger and forget about it.

Cordless cleaners come in two main types; the handheld (Dust Buster, Dirt Devil etc.) and stick models. Stick models can be further classified into sweepers and vacuums. A stick sweeper is really just a stick with the motor contained at the bottom along with a small compartment to collect the dust. Stick vacuums look more like a mini cleaner with the motor higher up, above the dust bag or container. Sweepers usually outperform stick vacuums, in no small part, because the motor is nearer the head.

When looking for a cordless machine take a note of the time it will operate between charges. Some models will only operate for a maximum of 15 minutes between charges, whereas some will last up to 30 minutes. Just like their larger cousins, some machines are better than others when it comes to the amount of dust and allergens they discharge back out into the atmosphere.