Bagless Vacuum Reviews

When you read bagless vacuum reviews it is important to keep in mind the type of use that each product was designed to handle. Often, consumer reviews will mark down a vacuum because they were really trying to use it for a purpose above. This is why you should read carefully when using these reviews as a guide for your own purchase.

The reviews included here are intended to shed accurate light on two different models that have been quite popular but also a little misunderstood. Remember, not every vacuum is meant for heavy duty cleaning of every room in the home. Also, they are not all for cleaning carpeting of all heights and bare floors as well.

Yet, bagless reviews overall tend to give both of these models a lot of praise because they are highly functional, durable, and dependable for the long haul.

Reviews of the Hoover WindTunnel praise its advanced features such as the HEPA filter that can be removed and washed and the powerful suction system that sucks even the smallest particles out of carpeting.

What it tends to lack is in the accessories and tools that come with it. While many vacuums today do come with a large selection of cleaning tools stored right on the machine, this one does not offer such a selection. There are many others that can be purchased, but that adds to the overall cost of the system.

The Hoover WindTunnel is great for heavy sweeping on any height of carpeting and even hard floors, but the Eureka 443B bagless cleaner is different. It is extremely lightweight and is intended to handle lower carpeting and hard floors. In fact, many satisfied consumers use it for their kitchen floor, especially to sweep up after a pet that sheds.

Most reviews of the Eureka Superlite give it five stars for smooth, quiet operation on those types of floors, but there are some negatives out there from people who try to use this product all over the house on different depths of carpeting. It was not designed for such use so look at your reviews closely.

Reviews can be extremely helpful when you are looking for something as important as a home vacuum. You may have to read between the lines to determine whether you agree with some of them, but regardless they are your best resource for finding the best products on the market at the best possible prices.